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COPA AFRICA CUP: Tanzania pummels Uganda to storm semis

Copa Africa Cup | Quarterfinal Results

• Tanzania 6-2 Uganda

Uganda, despite their successful start suffered a major blow from neighbours Tanzania after a 6-2 defeat to miss out on the COPA Africa semifinals scheduled for December 4th 2019.

This thrilling semi-final contest against Tanzania saw Nyerere score a hat-trick with further strikes from Frank Sephania and Kassim Ibrahim settling Tazania for a comfortable win.

The Ugandan duo, Patrick Duke and Abasi Kyeyune tried to salvage the match through scoring two goals but were not enough.

Uganda coach Lutalo Hamza whose side scored eleven goals against Namibia in their first game of this tournament said in a post match interview that,

“The field was heavy for my players and we couldn’t execute our game plan. I can’t fault the young boys but our main aim is to groom them for future national team assignments more so for the Under-17 team.”

After advancing to the semifinal of the championship, Tanzania head coach Abel Mutweve remarked that,

“Our aim is to reach the final. Uganda were a good team and we had prepared well for them. We had studied them and we had to frustrate their plans.

The semi-finals for the COPA Coca-Cola Africa Cup will have two East African nations in Kenya verses Tanzania and the South African Nations Zambia versus Zimbabwe battling out for a chance to represent their nations in the semi-finals of the championship.

Quarterfinal results

Zimbabwe 4-1 Namibia
Zambia 8-1 Angola
Tanzania 6-2 Uganda
Kenya 1-0 Botswana

Semifinal fixtures

Zambia Vs Zimbabwe
Kenya Vs Tanzania

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